TLAL Spotlight – Burnout

I had a friend who had no idea who Burnout was until I explained some of the background of the band to him and that got me thinking that a lot of you don’t know some about the newer/more underground bands that I have dealt with. That brings us to the idea of doing a […]

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Regional Justice Center – World Of Inconvenience LP & Tour

After an absolutely crushing demo in 2017, we are proud to announce that we are co-releasing the newest Regional Justice Center LP in 2018. Demo by Regional Justice Center Please also catch the band on tour

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Upcoming Oxidant shows, DOC tour, Goolagoon tour

Hummingbird Of Death – Forbidden Techniques LP artwork reveal and preorder

Forbidden Techniques by Hummingbird Of Death They say that it takes ten thousand hours to master anything. Using that logic, Boise’s HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH has then practiced a bit over two hours a day for their twelve years as a band to hit this mark right before going into the studio to record Forbidden Techniques […]

Marxbros / TRAVØLTA – split LP out now

Split LP by Marxbros / TRAVØLTA MARXBROS are the (non)musical continuation of the Dutch legacy of Paul and Olav. This music picks right up where LÄRM and SEEIN’ RED left off. For this recording (and hopefully subsequent ones) they have enlisted the expert bass playing of Chris Dodge from SPAZZ/STIKKY/TO THE POINT. The tracks range […]

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Jason Loewenstein – Raleigh NC House Show

Jason and two of the other members of Sebadoh are headed out on a crazy house show tour of the US and they are gracing Raleigh with an intimate night of heavy indie rock. Snag tickets before it sells out, grab em here

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Gasp – Sore For Days

TLAL is teaming up with Nero One to release the long out of print 1996 Gasp demo tape ‘Sore For Days’. The band will have a hundred clear copies for their reunion show, Nero One will have 50 purple copies, and TLAL will have 50 yellow copies. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Gasp, they are […]

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Oxidant – Deconstruct, 07.07.17.

Final reminder that the EP is up for preorder and will go out Friday. 300 7″s and 100 tapes are not expected to last long! 360 Video of our benefit show at The Pinhook the other night for Triangle Chance For All: Our upcoming record release show:

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New Hummingbird Of Death LP, ACxDC/Goolagoon split, Oxidant EP pre-orders

TLAL is happy to announce the newly slated release of Hummingbird Of Death’s Forbidden Techniques LP. Here is a raw unmastered track to listen to: We will also be handling the US pressing of the ACxDC/Goolagoon split. ACxDC’s last material and Goolagoon’s first vinyl appearance! Last, Oxidant’s EP Deconstruct will be up for pre-order at […]


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