Spazz / Brutal Truth - split 7"


How much speed can you take? This repress of the 1996 7" Ep (originally released by Bovine Records/Rhetoric) featuring Spazz and Brutal Truth going head to head is a shot of gasoline straight to the vein. First up is Spazz, with three songs ("Spazz Vs Mother Nature", "Nuge On A Stick" and "Donker") of their trademark Infest-meets-the-muppets goofball blastcore. It's been a while since I've pulled any of my Spazz records out to listen to, so I'd almost forgotten how ridiculously heavy this band was. Even when playing at light speed, Chris Dodge's bass rattles your fillings. Then there's the banjo and mouth harp that show up on the weird breakdown section on "Spazz Vs Mother Nature", and the warped slippery grooves and mid-tempo circle pit part on the last song. Weird and blazing, as was their way.
Brutal Truth's side is even more, uh, brutal; it starts with the strange noisy chaos of "Pork Farm" (which would later appear in more polished form on their Sounds of The Animal Kingdom album) that's part grindnoise meltdown, part avant garde deathgrind, Rich Hoak doing his many-armed free-jazz-on-PCP drumming. That's followed by a smokin' cover of Die Kreuzen's "Rumours" that the guys add an extra dose of their grindpunk heaviness too; and "Foolish Bastard" (also a pre-Sounds track) finishes the side with a quick, violent grindcore blast.

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