Agathocles Belgian mincecore grind legends.
Archagathus Ranging mince/ grindcore from Manitoba, Canada.
Conga Fury Noisy thrash entitled C-beat from Japan.
Deathrats Ripping female fronted thrashy hardcore from DC. Members of Lotus Fucker.
Final Draft Intensely fast and angry hardcore from Inglewood, California.
Get Destroyed! Stop on a dime powerviolence from Tempe, Arizona.
Magrudergrind Blazing powerviolence infused with fastcore from DC.
Mehkago N.T. Miami, Florida throwback grindcore, features members of Torche and Shitstorm.
Mesrine Legendary grindcore from Quebec City, over a decade running.
NoComply Two man powerviolence who are a cornerstone of St. Augustine, Florida.
PLF Houston, Texas's raging grinders from the late 90er's.
Proletar Old school grindcore from Jakarta, Indonesia.
SMG Turkey's own noisey grinders.
Shitstorm Ferocious grind/ violence from Miami, Florida. Members of Torche and Mehkago NT.
Sick/Tired Ripping fastcore/violence from Deklab, Illinois. Members of Weekend Nachos and ex MK-Ultra.
Thieves Ripping throw-back hardcore from Raleigh, NC. Members from Over And Out and numerous other bands..
Unholy Grave Prolific Japanese grind gods.
xBRAINIAx Powerviolence from Michigan. Tight live set, super short songs.

Past bands:

Irving, Texas
Fontana, California
San Fransisco, California
Brandon, Florida
Bail Out!
District of Columbia
Bloody Phoenix
Los Angeles, California
Common Enemy
Reading, Pennsylvania
Concrete Evidence
Miami, Florida
Skopje, Macedonia
Osaka, Japan
Sunnyvale, Califnornia
Hip Cops
Wallingford, Connecticut
I Object!
Syracuse, New York
Asheville, North Carolina
Killed In Action
Columbus, Ohio
Palermo, Italy
Makhlok Perosak
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Nux Vomica
Portland, Oregon
Rat Byte
West Haven, Connecticut
Rhino Charge
Thousand Oaks, California
Shah Alam, Malaysia
Street Sharks
Raleigh, North Carolina
Terminal Youth
Ipswitch, Massachusetts