To Live A Lie Goes Exclusive With Independent Label Distribution

It is with huge excitement that TLAL announces exclusive distribution through ILD.

ILD is run by people who have directly influenced my DIY musical growth. They are run by Frontier Records owner Lisa Fancher who put out one of my first punk records as a kid, T.S.O.L.’s  Dance With Me… she also put out some great Circle Jerks records, Beer City Records’ Mike Beer who put out an EP for  band that played constantly in my hometown when I was 16 Swank as well as some awesome D.R.I. records, and last Matt who runs Tribunal out of NC who sold me some of my first CDs in person at metal/hardcore shows in Winston-Salem at Pablo’s and 533 Uprisings.

Where am I going with all this nostalgic blather? Glad you asked, this gives me an opportunity to join labels I love like Six Weeks and Tankcrimes and get my records in more shops around the country and around the world. This makes both our lives easier as my records are easier to find for you and you can find my records!

So in a few weeks to a few months my records will be available to local record stores via a catalog from ILD. Let your local shops know specific records you’d be looking to order and they can stock them!



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