TLAL 2013 Summer Releases

TLAL93 – The Kill – Make ‘Em Suffer LP

My favorite Aussie band (sorry all you Extortion lovers), this powerhouse delivers the most crushing metal-tinged DIY grindcore I have ever heard. I compare them to PLF all the time, so if you like PLF, you will be into this! This is out as of last weekend and the /100 screened cover LP+tshirts are dwindling, wouldn’t expect to have them still by the end of the month. Order this version or the split color normal versionhere.

TLAL89 – Mindless – Planet of Pestilence 7″

Austin Texas’s evil grindcore featuring Faiza who used to be in Hatred Surge but in my opinion, Mindless has left HS in the dust. Crushing grind with tons of slow brutal parts. EP is at the plant and artwork is being scrutinized by the band so who know what this will look like? It will definitely sound awesome.

TLAL94 – Last Words – s/t LP

Last Words LP is going to the plant this week. This is probably a band that I’m asked the most about. The band only has a Bandcamp as far as a web presence but they are a ripping hardcore band from Raleigh, NC with Jeff from Stripmines on guitar and Connor from Abuse. on drums. Amazing record start to stop.


This record is being recorded at Legit Biz in a week, and I can’t wait. Their EP was put out a few weeks ago and this will be it’s crushing big brother. Can’t wait to see what evil, heavy powerviolence they concoct. Recorded at the same place as the Last Words and Torch Runner LP.

TLAL98 – NoComply / Suppression – split 10″

Amazing new songs by each band. Both bands killed it in the 90’s and continue to kill it. Suppression has been known for their weirdo approach to powerviolence and this material sounds a lot like Lightning Bolt on crack. NxCx is back with fresh live drums and me jumping in on backing vocals and noise.

TLAL99 – NoComply / Bastard Noise – When Humans Are Recycled 12″

You’ll just have to wait and see. Bastard Noise play evil noise and NxCx have Pat from Backslider putting in some time at the drums and I play second bass.

TLAL100 – V/A – To Live A Lie Vol II 12″

100 releases. Look for the band announcement later in the week!



TLAL40 – XBRAINIAX – Deprogrammed gatefold LP

Repress /100 on split color vinyl. Out soon?

TLAL92 – ACxDC / Sex Prisoner / Magnum Force – split 10″

Repress /400 on white with a burst of black. Out soon?


New in the store:

Coffins – Sewage Sludgecore Treatment LP
The Kill / Mortalized – split 7″
Necklacing – Demo tape
Gowl – Buzzbox 7″
Sectarian Violence – Upward Hostility LP
Sickoids – No Home LP
Culo – Toxis Vision 7″
Culo – Military Trends 7″
Culo – My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less LP
Psycho – The Grind Years CD
Catheter – Southwest Doom Violence CD
Unholy Grave – Grind Killers CD
Sewn Shut – Rediscovering The Dead
Lifes – MMXXIII Demo tape
Abuse. – A New Low 7″
Head Hits Concrete- Hollowed Out Human Husk 7″
Barge – No Gain 7″
The Kill / The Communion – split 7″
V/A – Wake Up Dead Volume 1 7″
and a bunch of: A389 Records and Headfirst Records releases



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