Music/Band Submissions:
Bands, please note that I am constantly backed up on releases. I definitely accept demos but I suggest that you send MP3 versions of demos rather than physical copies, just so I can hear the music. I am always overly excited about demo tapes and CD-Rs, but to save you folks some money feel free to send me MP3 demos via your Dropbox or Google Drive links. Sometimes it takes me a month/months to get to listen to stuff so please no quickly expiring links. Also unlisted YouTube videos, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud links are even easier. Tell me which track is best/your favorite too. On thing to never do, NEVER NEVER NEVER SEND ME MP3S/WAV FILES IN EMAILS directly - my Google account is constantly full and there is a huge chance I will delete your email before listening to the music to make space for me to keep getting email. Feel free to get in touch to talk about music, or just to say hi. I apologize if I'm slow getting back or don't write back, TLAL is taking up more and more of my time in addition to my day job, but I love music and would never stop. I will listen to everything that is sent to me, I'm sorry if I don't write back. submissions [at] tolivealie [dot] com

Update as of 3/31/22 - TLAL is still going strong and will listen to your submissions but with pressing plants taking +9 months and slowdown at cassette places, we are book through the end of 2023 on releeases.

TLAL cannot do trades but you can get releases wholesale from ILD.

Booking In Raleigh NC:
I am also not the best person to get in contact with about booking shows in this area, but I will point you the right way. booking [at] tolivealie [dot] com

Review Requests:
As a small label I only have the budget to constantly send promo to a few places (MRR, SF&L, Sonic Overload, and Razorcake are pretty much them). If there is a specific release you'd like to do a special piece on let me know and I can usually accomodate. Also if you want constant digital review material, please ask me to put you on the list. press [at] tolivealie [dot] com

info [at] tolivealie [dot] com
tolivealie [at] gmail [dot] com

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Guy in Charge: Will Butler Illustration: Matt Gauck