Godstomper / Magrudergrind - split 7"

First Press Cover Crazy Orange Vinyl
- Prolific California legends, GODSTOMPER, will add yet another amazing split record to their catalog of great releases and match wits with Maryland's up and coming grind act MAGRUDERGRIND. Fast and tight hardcore the way it should be played, and the fast food theme seals the deal. This split is comparable to a more noise oriented SPAZZ versus a more powerviolence PIG DESTROYER. Represses come on stunning ecto cooler green vinyl.
- split release with Nuclear BBQ Party
- Release date: August 1, 2005
- Repress date: November 18, 2005


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 400 black vinyl
- 230 orange vinyl
- 25 friends editions
- 15 test presses
- 400 repressed on ecto lime vinyl

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