Rhino Charge - s/t 7"

Normal Cover Cranberry Vinyl
- The heaviest rhino is the white rhino, which weighs in at a brutal five thousand pounds. Imagine that very same rhino running you at full force. High energy powerviolence that tears through you like dry bramble. To make things interesting, throw the sludgy parts of GRIEF into a stew with the spastic parts of CROSSED OUT and you have an idea of how good this record is. This is so crucial and has such a refreshing sound.. endless comparisons can be made: DISCORDANCE AXIS meets 16, HELLNATION meets CORRUPTED, NO COMMENT meets NOOTHGRUSH, SLIGHT SLAPPERS meets APARTMENT 213. CAPITALIST CASUALTIES meets DYSTOPIA (without all the drugs). Seriously amazing! Pushead-esque artwork by Dan, singer of BADEATINGHABITS!
- TLAL exclusive
- Release date: November 18, 2005
- Repress date: August 25, 2006


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 300 on mess vinyl
- 200 on clear vinyl
- 5 test presses
- 500 repressed on cranberry vinyl

The tracks from their first 7" are raw and with rather rough sound quality which I totally dig as its sloppy sounding but at the same time doesn't have that "tin can" recording quality. They drop some great tracks here and always seem to mix things up as much as possible. "Life is a Life Lived" is a bull-dozing track that even here on their first release is extremely powerful as it combines a grinding crust aesthetic with some total sludge as things start off fast and blazing before down-shifting into massive doom riffage. They find similar success in the same formula with "Molten Monument of Man" which is slower and more akin to Grief/Noothgrush style dread as point and blast grind goes head to head with hopeless doom with barking vocals that only get more depraved as the track lumbers towards its close. "Business is next to Godliness" is another pulverizing, classic grind track with intense blasting and sick vocals that eventually break into a quick albeit timeless Sabbath style groove immediately followed by the hilariously titled "Rhino Charge the Mall Rats" which is almost entirely crawling doom with some deep death growls entering the mix. "Perspective as a Law" is total stoner/grind/punk rocker and is one of my favorite tracks and it probably is the catchiest track on the album with a nice contrast between crusty punk and more HUGE grooves that definitely have a Sabbath/Cavity type of swing to them. The debut 7" is pretty damn fantastic all around. What else can I say here but Rhino Charge are definitely a grind band to keep on the lookout for as they have what it takes to get noticed in a crowded scene. This is totally raw stuff with great tempo changes and song-writing. If you are even remotely into grind, check these guys out because you won't be disappointed. Rating: 7/7."
- Daredevil Magazine

Apparently this band started off as just two guys (guitar & drums) who wanted to gatecrash a party so they practiced a little and then turned up at some indie rock ho-down and busted out some power-violence before being shown the door. like that and the fact that supposedly the drummer hadn’t really played before this band and the singer (who joined on their second show) didn’t have proper lyrics for a while looks so suss on paper…. like yeah the actual act of showing up at the party thing sounds piss-funny (like getting really drunk and going to some karaoke dump and refusing to give back the microphone)… but it’s such a case of oh yeah great I hope they release a 7” to join the hundreds of others due out this month. The BUT and of course you knew that it was coming is that they’re fucking great. Call it lack of experience and training in their instruments leading to them breaking out of standards and rules of music or dumb luck or genius or maybe they played for a few years between the first part and this 7”…. whatever this is such a good fucking 7”. It’s in that grey area between power-violence and grind where you could go either way with blast beats and shrieks and the odd metal tinge but regardless supercedes both by including lots of variation such as ultra sludgey parts, groove and even the occasional hook. Fuck at times they sound like a powerviolence version of Black Sabbath! Even the lyrics are pretty good the only disappointment is that this 7” is only one-sided and after doing another 7” (a split with Protestant) they’ve now broken up. Sucks!"
- Screaming Bloody Mess

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