Magrudergrind - 62 Trax of Thrash CD

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- Finally a sixty-two track CD spanning the first three years of DCís own epic powerviolence band, after numerous tours in the US and abroad, and after releasing over eight EP's . This collection of hardcore anthems contains the Owned 7" (Punks Before Profits Records), Religious Baffle CD (self released by the band), splits with GODSTOMPER (Nuclear BBQ Party Records and To Live A Lie Records), SANITYíS DAWN (Regurgitated Semen Records), A WARM GUN (McCarthyism Records and Misfire Records), AKKOLYTE (Death, Agony & Screams Records), and VOMIT SPAWN (Militant Records), and a very hard to find demo. A very powerful CD an amazingly eye-catching layout! For fans of fast and heavy music ranging from the rawness of DISCORDANCE AXIS to the brutal nature of PIG DESTROYER.
- split release with Torture Garden Picture Company and Death, Agony, and Screams
- Release date: December 1, 2005


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 2000 CDs

"All of this material is a discography of only the first three years of this band's existence. Amazing how bands can release so much material in such short time, isn't it? Especially with such a notable progression in that time. The earlier stuff (which is at the end of the CD instead of the beginning, now that doesn't make much sense, does it?) sounds more like novelty. Most of the songs are really short and have some out of place kind of riff like the beginning of the Star Spangled Banner or part of Jingle Bells. An amusing joke, but for the most part just a joke. Avi's voice was much different too, instead of the high screech he emits these days, this was more of just a regular hardcore style scream. The band kept going at it and got progressively faster, tighter, and even heavier with each recording. What does that lead to with the more modern stuff? It's much more serious and intense. Most of the songs seem to be about killing in some way (and some of the titles are probably longer than the songs themselves) but trying to line up the vocals with the lyrics is practically impossible. While Avi's voice nowadays makes for a better listening experience to compliment the music, the lyrics are pretty much in print only and not worth the effort to try and keep up with in the songs. The guitars are more downtuned, the drumming is also quicker and tighter throughout. The songs at the end of the discography (or the beginning of the CD) are my favorites and the band is only improving. Their live shows don't disappoint either. For ballpark references, think of Insult and Fuck On The Beach to create a kind of grind/powerviolence hybrid. Lamp's Rating: A-"
- Kicked in the Face

"A complete discography of everything (minus the recent SHITSTORM split) released from '02 to '05 by this crushing (and prolific) Maryland thrash/grind outfit. Here you get: splits with SANTIY DAWN, GODSTOMPER, A WARM GUN, AKKOLYTE, VOMIT SPAWN, the Owned 7", the Religious Baffle MCD, and the Don't Support demo. The quality's pretty consistantly high throughout and if you make it more than halfway through the disc, the intensity of it all gets pretty overwhelming. They have a relentless attack, and are maybe the best example of an even balance between thrash and grind styles. The vocals are screeched nonstop a la FLESH PARADE, the guitar is super heavy, and the drumming's pretty damn sick."
- Maximum Rocknroll Issue #277

"Hailing from Maryland in the USA, Magrudergrind has defined themselves as one of the new powerhouses of grind!!! This insane disc includes 62 tracks of some of the most intense grindcore you've ever heard. This CD includes everything Magrudergrind ever recorded (all 7"s, splits, demos, etc...) Great layout, which includes all the original cover art from all the releases. Any fan of extreme grindcore would kill for this!
- Slug and Lettuce Issue #87

"If you ask now how this volume sounds, then I would think emo does not stand with them anyhow on the plan! Instead lively by "62 Trax OF Thrash" if trees fell themselves that the bars bend themselves. Youth crew three foot high jumps into the air nearly powerviolence thrash grind massacre yeah!"
- Campaign for Musical Destruction

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