Unholy Grave / Archagathus - split 7"

Normal Cover Red Vinyl
- ARCHAGATHUS, as you can guess from the name, harkens to the great AGATHOCLES, unlike their mince heroes, these Canadian grindcore newcomers have concocted a tighter much more cleanly recorded hi-fi mince sound. UNHOLY GRAVE has been around the block time and time again with their grind masterdom, and this release will not fail the loyal follower or new-comer to their Japanese grinding sound.
- Split release with Nuclear BBQ, Sir Punkly, and BSP Records
- Release date: May 22, 2006
- Repress date: September 12, 2007


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 325 red vinyl
- 300 black vinyl
- 400 mess vinyl (second press)
- 15 TLAL editions
- 12 test presses

"Unholy Grave: Japan's grindcore maniacs release yet another split. Sounds like a live recording or purposefully recorded super raw. Archagathus: They hail from Canada and (sing with) cookie monster (vocals) with the best of them. From guttural grunts to screams, they blast some mean ass grind. This band reminds me of PROGERIA meets NAPALM DEATH."
- Razorcake Issue #37

"Archagathus are pretty much the Canadian version of Agathocles. Everything from the crude, punky grinding, mince-core to the dripping logo! And if there's a Canadian version of AG...well they might as well do a split with the Japanese grinders Unholy Grave, right? These UG trax are rehearsal versions of some songs with members of the band Gate on guitar and drums. Sounds like the same old UG to me!
- Short, Fast, and Loud Issue #17

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