I Object/ Forever Positively Obsessed - split 7"

Cover ArtRed/Yellow vinyl
- With their full length on Alternative Tentacles on the horizon and a collection CD under their belt, I OBJECT give three new tracks of female fronted fast pissed hardcore punk. FxPxOx is from Macedonia and play straightedge fastcore. Both sides rip all the way through.
- split release with Punks Before Profits, Thrash Steady Syndicate, and Dead Tank Records
- Release date: May 1, 2006


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 500 red/black vinyl
- 500 yellow/red vinyl

"FPO's contribution to this split is a passionate rant against compulsory enlistment, with music that alternates between mid-temp chug-chugging and faster thrash. Unfortunately, the tune isn't as compelling as the vocals and the lyrics, but it still kicks ass. I OBJECT contributes three songs in their singature heavy '80-influenced hardcore with great female vocals taht are more shouted than sung, and lyrics that actually say something important. The packaging on this looks great: nice, thick sleeve with stark red, yellow, and black artwork, and colored vinyl. You need this!"
- Maximum Rocknroll Issue #278

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