Apathetic Ronald McDonald / Final Draft - split 7"

Cover Art Black Vinyl
AxRxM play wicked-fast hardcore, think a power violence version of HIT ME BACK. They are known for their heavy and bittersweet short sets. FINAL DRAFT conjure the gods of Inglewood to produce some fierce and raw blasting-violence not unlike DESPISE YOU. This release is also a part of 625's Barbaric Thrash series, this time representing some new thrashcore from Southern California. This is the new breed.
- Split release with 625 Thrashcore
- Release date: June 3, 2006


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 750 black vinyl

"Two young bands holding the SoCal thrash and smash ethic of hardcore way high. (ARM plays) high speed blasts soaked in a corroding pot of LARM and power violence and Japanese thrash. Their side of this EP is longer than their actual live set by about a minute. FINAL DRAFT have a mean hardcore sound, meat-ripping saw blade guitars and tinny live drums fashion a wild, untamed insanity to their back to basics thrashcore. Both bands feel ready to implode at any given second. Layer up the plastic sheets, daddy"
- Short, Fast, and Loud Issue #16

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