V/A - Skate Attack Volume I tape

Normal Cover Cassette Cover
- Theres nothing like that feeling of dropping off a loading dock behind some abandoned business building, or waxing a curb outside of your house so you can go outside everyday and destroy it. Skating and thrashing go so hand in hand. Forget these vinyl and CDs for skate comps, how are you going to skate and thrash at the same time? I thought so. This jam has crucial skating music from KILLED IN ACTION, TEMPER, STREET SHARKS, MAKHLOK PEROSAK, ANS, BAIL OUT!. CONCRETE EVIDENCE, COMMON ENEMY, BADEATINGHABITS, and MEDIA CIRCUS. Super limited, produbbed, and hand assembled!
- Split release with Give Praise Records
- Release date: June 10, 2006


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 300 pro-pressed cassettes

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