Terminal Youth - s/t LP

Cover Vinyl
- TERMINAL YOUTH produces an eighteen song motion of blistering thrash hardcore. They've honed their sound to perfection from crescendo to crescendo, weaving their masterpiece like a psycho raging maestro. This is their masterpiece. For fans of ETA, INFEST, LIFES HALT, and WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. This is the next generation of Boston hardcore with a thrash punk edge.
- Split release with Terminal Youth, De Rok, and Give Praise Records.
- Release date: December 29, 2006


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- 525 on black vinyl
- 8 test presses

"With their first album, Terminal Youth have taken it up a notch. Hammering thrash and grind/powerviolence moves that don’t overwhelm things. Tight playing, easily able to navigate the tempo transitions and the addition of a second guitarist adds to the band’s overpowering qualities, as well. Elements of early Dropdead, Crossed Out, while the songs that close each side of the LP have more of an anthemic, mid-paced style that bring 9 Shocks Terror to mind. Will Killingsworth’s recording is full-sounding without being too slick. Terminal Youth have evolved into a raging band."
- Suburban Voice January 26, 2007

"Here you get 18 songs of raging hardcore from the East Coast. They take a basic fast outline of a band like TEAR IT UP then turn the volume up and distort the fuck out of everything. Then they start adding in elements of crust and the occasional blast beat, and create one seriously great fucking record. And those aggressive, throat-shedding vocals only add to the intensity of this monster. I know it is early in the year, but this is at the top of the list so far. Essential!"
- Maximum RocknRoll Issue #287

"Ferocious output from these kids. Not a band to let you off the hook with slow boring music, these kids crank the speed up a shitload of notches and deliver one powerful 12" here. This record is (a) non stop barrage of high speed thrash insantiy that tightens the noose around your scrawny neck with each tune. Plain and simple, this is a brutal kick to the face, great lyrics and a sharp looking release. Looks a lot like a Dropdead record now that I think about it, and that may be as good of a description for their music as any. Hardcore to the maximum.
- Short, Fast, and Loud Issue #1

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