LxExAxRxNx - First Lesson 7"

Cover Art Red Vinyl
- Eleven tracks of manic fast hardcore with tight guitar solos, singalongs, and every in between. Hailing from Italy, these spastic skaters throw together one tight energetic record. Amazingly DIY with help from over two dozen labels!
- split release with Porrozine, Palermo Hardcore, Accidia, Buffalo '66, Total Dissent, Stress to Death, Kawaii, Miss Thrash, Nuova Leva, SHR, Zas Autoproduzioni, Twice the Speed, 9 to 5, Necro Thrash, Red Shot Project, Rocket Bar, Try It Again, Sona Miuzik, Ill Primitivo Editore, Choices of Your Own, Dada Dischi, 16 Bit, and 1899 DIY.
- Release date: August 15, 2006


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 500 black vinyl
- 500 red vinyl

"If his band were Japanese this would probably be on the 625 Thrashcore label. That should give somewhat of an idea where this Italian skate-thrash band falls. Fast, faster, fastest. While the studio production is very modern and full sounding, the songs hold onto their old school hardcore roots, as evidenced by cover versions of Minor Threat and Beastie Boys' "Tough Guy". I'd file this somewhere between Ohuzaru and L'Amico Di Martucci, the speed and energy and all around resonance of this record are equal to both of those bands.
- Short, Fast, and Loud Issue #17

"The album turns out a good hardcore product where sure they can be signaled like force points, beyond the optimal recording, the speed and the brevity of the songs, than fan can listen to the entire album without tiring. On the whole, in spite of the several infuences that sound very present in the disc, the sound of the LxExAxRxNx turns out innovative and fascinating indeed."
- Punk 4 Free

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