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- Debut EP by Southern Florida's newest thrashing maniacs. Pummeling fast, raw and heavy. Five tracks of old school heavy grindcore with a twinge of dbeat. These are surprisingly lengthy and brutal songs with heart. Features members from TORCHE and SHITSTORM.
- split release with Abort the World and S.O.Y. Records.
- Release date: April 6, 2007


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- 1000 CDs

"What I can’t stop playing is the EP (co-released) by Abort the World’s honcho David Miller and his pals, including SHITSTORM's PDub on vocals, Harold from DNME, Bundy from Trust No One, and perhaps most importantly, ’cause he swings such a mean stick, TORCHE/ SHITSTORM's drummer Rick Smith. It’s a serious Miami hardcore summit. What they’ve come up with together is some majorly addictive old school crust/grind where the D-beats fly and the breakdowns crush, kill, and destroy. I love this shit! It’s like a love letter to classic grind of yore. A clenched-fist salute to Repulsion and Terrorizer and Discharge, the unholy trinity of doom, beauty, and truth. The mid-fi demo-quality production only adds to the excellent crud-filled ambience. It’s the small touches, like the five-second mosquito buzz of a guitar solo on “Innocent but Accused,” that makes this EP add up to greatness. By the time you get to the ominous doom-crawl of “Programmed Society,” you’ll be ready to play the whole thing over again. Or you will if you’re anything like me, a fiend for massive crustcore head wounds."
- Decibel Magazine March 2007 "The self-titled debut from Florida’s Mehkago N.T. cranks out five tracks in less than 15 minutes and is sort of like the hardcore equivalent of “war metal” (an aesthetic that carries right over into the high contrast imagery of the layout): It’s raw as fuck, it’s generally fast and somewhat abrasive, and there’s a certain degree of unhinged ferocity going on throughout. Obviously this means that there are more influences at work than with your standard hardcore band, and metal’s certainly a driving force, but despite that fact there’s an undeniable hardcore aesthetic throughout the vast majority of the compositions. And hell, I’m all for the occasional foray into twisted dissonance or sludgy midpaced riffing, so this is a great introduction to these dudes for sure. There’s a blown-out character to the vocals that works well against the rugged guitar tone and the pounding thuds of the basslines, so even though the recording could use minor touching up, I’m guessing they’ll always try to retain this sort of edge (and with good reason). When all is said and done they’re not rewriting the book on any given genre, but there’s something interesting about what’s going on here that gets my attention and makes me wonder where they’re going to go with this stuff…
- Aversion Online January 2007

"I found myself scooping my brains off the floor midway through the first track. These guys dole out five tracks of heavy-duty gruff ’n’ tumble thrash with lyrics only slightly more complex than Discharge’s slogan-as-haiku approach. If you’re lookin’ to give yourself a headache in all the right ways, these guys will more than do the trick."
- Razorcake April 2007

Fucking ear splitting thrashy crust grindcore explosion of epic proportions, AAARRRGGGGHHHHH! There is a bit of some death metal leanings in this band's sound as well, making the five attacks on here that much more interesting. The recording is good yet there is still a raw edge to the overall production. I think their name roughly translates into "I shit on you" in Espanol. Hope these dudes from Florida get on it and release more shit. This CD has been in my car stereo for a few days now. Members of MEHKAGO N.T. have also done time in SHITSTORM and TORCHE.
- Profane Existence Issue #54

"Powerful and dreary five song ep that delivers some serious deep dish, no thin "crust" if you get my meaning. There may be shared member or members of TORCHE among the ranks. Over all, a decent mix of extremely heavy crust and hardcore."
- Give Me Back #3

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