Athrenody - Crazed Development CD

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- Existing only for a short time in the early 90s, ATHRENODY, along with bands like IMMORTAL FATE, EXHUMED, GORYMELANOMA and COLOSTOMY created a foundation for the emerging Bay Area grind scene. Back then, rumors were floating around about a band from the South Bay that played a brutal style of grind/death metal not-on-like Harmony Corruption era NAPALM DEATH and/or TERRORIZER - turned out this band was ATHRENODY. They played a few shows, and before they split-up, they managed to get into House of Faith studios to record this full length. Unfortunately vocals were not added, until that is, Matt Harvey from EXHUMED stepped up to the plate in 2005. The result is this CD.
- split release with 625 Thrashcore and De Rok Records.
- Release date: June 26, 2007


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 1000 CDs

"Athrenody (from bay area, circa 1990's) recorded this back in 1993 or'94 with Bad Ass Bart Thurber (House of Faith)... vokillz were eventually recorded in 2005 with Matt "Hellfiend" Harvey from EXHUMED delivering the goods, like only Matt can do. Lets see, 12-13 years in the making and gawds be damned was this CD well worth the long ass wait. ATHRENODY were amongst the earliest bay area grind bands that paved the way for what was to come. Their sound is technical grind-core with a little death metal thrown in here and there. Kind of reminiscent of Terrorizer, Insanity, Carcass Grinder, and Napalm Death. Only nine tracks that are over way too soon. Wonder if maybe these dudes might play some local shows in the not so distant future?"
- Profane Existence Issue #55

"Early 90's Bay Area death metal. Back then Redwood City, California, and other 'South Bay' towns had one hell of a hardcore scene. It was a breeding ground for what became power-violence and the first thrash revival (what are we on now? the fourth?). There were also a handful of death metal and grindcore bands. When I saw this CD I wondered what it was. A reissue of a release I never knew the band had? When I threw it in, I vaguely recognized some of the songs, which confused me even more. I started digging through my old boxes of junk and sure enough pulled out a demo from this band and threw it in. The songs were the same, sort of. Turns out these are recently recorded vocal tracks put with music from the demo from 1993. The vocalist is Matt Harvey from EXHUMED / REPULSION / DEKAPITATOR. Good grindcore with touches of death metal. Think TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH."
- Maximum Rocknroll Issue #293

"Also on To Live A Lie, in conjunction with 625 Thrashcore and De Rok, is Athrenody's Crazed Development. It has a nice story behind it. Athrenody was a Bay Area grind/death band in the early '90s, and recorded a demo in '93 sans vocalist. The tape kicked around for a while and gained notoriety, as did the band. However, Athrenody split up, and the demo passed seemingly into oblivion. Max Ward and Matt Harvey (of Exhumed) both had copies of the demo. Recently, they got to talking about it. When Ward said that he'd release it on 625 if it had vocals, Harvey offered his services. The result: a fine posthumous release. After mastering, the demo now has modern oomph, with Harvey's vocals added over a decade later. His low growls fall somewhere between Barney Greenway and David Vincent. The sound is akin to Terrorizer, straddling grindcore and death metal. 9 tracks, 16 minutes, all potent."
- Invisible Oranges 1/15/08

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