Hip Cops / Gate - split 7"

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- With just under a year together as a band, HIP COPS have honed a sound all their own with monumental distortion and a healthy balance between punk and grind. They pull influences from former local legends like DEFORMED CONSCIENCE and HAIL OF RAGE, as well as the classics like NAPALM DEATH, NASUM, and EXCRUCIATING TERROR. GATE are one of many sleeper grind sensations from Japan. You wouldn't guess that they are a two-piece band considering both their sheer ferocity and fullness in sound. Their recorded appearances have been few and far between, most notably their 2001 EP 'Soon to be Sodomized', as well as filling in for UNHOLY GRAVE. Hardly ever wavering from various blast tempos, this is for extreme grind fans of music in the vein of ASSUCK or DISCORDANCE AXIS.
- split release with BSP, Vex Records, and Coagulate Tapes.
- Release date: January 12, 2008


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 1000 7"s

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