Final Draft - s/t 7"

Cover Art
- Inglewood's self-proclaimed deathcore band is back, this time with much cleaner recordings of much more pissed off mega-fast hardcore. Angry, fast. These guys are a mainstay of California, playing shows with DESPISE YOU, CALIFORNIA LOVE, and CROM. Watch out, these guys will creep up and destroy you. "Inglewood, Inglewood, always up to no good."
- split release with 625 Thrashcore, Give Praise, and Arcade Crazy Records.
- Expected release date: March 24, 2008


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 954 7"s

"Seriously intense hardcore/grind. Super pissed vocals and songs that really rage when they hit top speed. Not to say the non-10000mph stuff isn't excellent. Final Draft does a great job mixing it up and killing with speed and power. The solid recording also helps. Nine ass kickers, one being a Despise You cover."
- Short, Fast, and Loud Issue #20

"I remember when these guys first started playing out. They were a decent powerviolence band, but nothing really stood out. Fuqqin' hell, they have progressed by leaps and bounds! This stuff is truly pissed! Nine songs hammered out with pure hate. Nothing sounds serene or proper here. It's all fucked up, twisted, and bleak. And its great. Antisocial sounds for the antisocial. I don't know man, but I can't help but think Final Draft are thee West Coast powerviolence band."
- Razorcake Issue #45

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