Mesrine / P.L.F. - split 7"

Cover Art Black Vinyl
- The bubonic plague has returned to this generation. Social structure has become irrevocably changed and pandemonium has ensued. The carrier this time was not rats. No. This time the virus has been carried off ships on this morbid slab of vinyl, infecting millions. The MESRINE strain comes directly from Canada. Inhabiting the neutral country for more than a decade. It has been spreading across the US and Europe. Brutal blasting blows to anyone who has encountered this. The newer strain is P.L.F.. Equally as volatile, P.L.F. delivers instant nausea to anyone infected. Delivers grinding headaches and will thrash one's body leaving bruises all over. People infected with either should immediately buy this record and continue doses for as long as they have symptoms. All is not lost. Killer artwork by Matt Gauck.
- TLAL exclusive
- Release date: September 5, 2008


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 500 gray vinyl 7"s
- 200 black vinyl 7" repress (100 with screened covers)
- 15 test presses

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