V/A - To Live A Lie Records 2010 Sampler CD

Cover Art CD Face
- This is the second legit sampler CD by TLAL, this time will full color cardboard 5" covers. Amazing crazy killer tofu monster by Matt Gauck. This CD harbors the best of the best which includes HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, XBRAINIAX, GET DESTROYED!, DEATHRATS, ARTCTIC CHOKE, AXED UP CONFORMIST, P.L.F., GONER, HENRY FONDA, ARCHAGATHUS, MESRINE, COKE BUST, THIEVES, PARTY BY THE SLICE, ASSHOLEPARADE, ”MALPARIDO!, MONDO GECKO, CONGA FURY, SUDDEN SEIZURE, BASTARDASS, VIOLENT GORGE, SAKATAT, TINNER, CHAROGE STONE, KASATKA, and AGATHOCLES. Twenty six tracks in twenty four minutes.
- Release date: March 22, 2010


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Pressing info:
- 200 CDs

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