Thieves - Positive Vibrations 7"

Cover Art Mess Vinyl
-The debut release of Raleigh, NC's THIEVES consists of eight neck-breaking songs, running back to back, leaving absolutely no room to catch your breath. Their take on the genre consists of a very obvious 80's hardcore influence, but from a fresh perspective, which makes this record more than a mere tribute to the late great hardcore of day's past. With both blistering guitar riffage and hard hitting GAUZE-like drumming, the vocals top it off with massive energy and just enough reverb to actually damage your record player. As enraged as SIEGE, smashing like HERESY, and technical like early NEUROSIS, THIEVES raise the bar on NC hardcore.
- split release with Suburbanite Records
- Release date: 1/25/2010


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 500 mess vinyl 7"s

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