Conga Fury / Shitstorm - split 7"

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- CONGA FURY and SHITSTORM were never meant to be paired up. Forces were against this unstable match-up as masters were lost between Japan and the USA thrice over a span of over two years, delays in recording, and the plates shattering while making test presses of this beast. Finally this release comes to fruition with a horrifyingly explosive energy as C-Beat meets G-Beat. Japan's CONGA FURY, masters of Kochi City hardcore, team up with Miami's connoisseurs of super-blasting grindviolence, SHITSTORM, to shake up the musical malaise that has infested both Japan and America. A monsoon of fury on one slab of vinyl.
- TLAL exclusive
- Release date: July 14, 2010


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Pressing info:
- 400 black vinyl
- 100 glow in the dark vinyl
- 500 mess vinyl (second press)
- 13 test presses

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