Capitalist Casualties / NoComply - split 7"

Cover Art
- Think of the most amazing powerviolence splits of the past... Crossed Out / Man Is The Bastard, Infest / PHC, Agents of Satan / No Less, Godstomper / Short Hate Temper, Spazz / Charles Bronson, Assholeparade / Ansojuan...just to get your mind going. The power of the split record and smushing two of the best bands of a genre onto one record is so amazing. This split right here should have been thrown together in the 90's, and I should still be a pre-teen, but somehow it is 2011 and I convinced two of my favorite bands to put together a crushing split. Capitalist Casualties dug deep in the vaults to find a crisp sound board recording from 1994. The recording was taken and cleaned up off the original tape and mixed down. Sort of like Live in Nagoya but with their OG lineup. In fact, this is the same set, different songs, from the Live Butchery EP that is completely impossible to find. No Comply material is an equally amazing time capsule of music. Their recordings were pulled off a long lost DAT tape that Justin found while pulling material together for a potential NxCx discography. The material was literally forgotten about and it happens to be an old studio recording of material that was going to be for a split with Charles Bronson on 625 Thrashcore in 1997. The icing on this cake is that Travis Ginn from Assholeparade makes an appearance splitting vocals on all but one of NxCx's tracks. Both sides provide 90's powerviolence as played in the 90's for all obvious reasons. This is both a powerviolence DeLorean ride and something both bands are exceptionally proud of to this day. Layout is a pilled up theme excecuted by yours truely, Will Butler. Limited copies of pill bottle orange records available. Record comes with DIY digital download card for 320KBPS MP3s of each side.
- Release date: October 14th, 2011


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 400 black vinyl (first press)
- 100 pill bottle orange vinyl (first press)
- 300 black vinyl (second press)
- 100 white vinyl (second press)
- 100 half black/half white vinyl (second press)
- 9 test presses
- 1 10" lacquer

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