Mind As Prison - Maryland Grindcore 7"

Cover Art
- There is something powerful in the water in the area in and abouve our state's capital. That power has seeped out and created some mutant musicians who play grindcore more insane than any others. First it spawned Magrudergrind, then it birthed Triac, then there was A Warm Gun, following later was Disciples of Christ... and finally from the goo of infernal blasterdom came Mind As Prison. MAP plays masterful Baltimore grindcore. Superior blasting, raw classic metal chops thrown in on top of a huge wall of noise. Imagine P.L.F. if they got all raged out on Death and Nasum. Still having trouble believing this record exists? Like the jaded Toxic Avenger of grindcore, they will knock you out with the mop of blasting justice. They simply won't waste your time.
- Split release with Bad People, Blastcat, and Legion Productions. - Release date: October 15th, 2011


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Pressing info:
- 500 black 7"s

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