ACxDC - He Had It Coming 7" / ACxDC - Second Coming 7"

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- Anti-Christ Demon Core's He Had it Coming repress features the original six song EP released in 2005 plus two tracks from the same session off the A Sign Of Impending Doom Compilation. The band formed in 2003, recorded these songs in 2005 and then vanished for awhile on a many-year hiatus, only to resurface and record and release a brillian new EP and begin touring again in 2011/2012. The original EP is long saught after by grindcore and powerviolence fiends around the country and this is your chance to grab the limited repress.

- Seven years since their first vinyl output and after coming back from an extended hiatus, a fully-rested Anti-Chris Demon Core produce their glowing sophmore release. The best description was written by Cvltnation: "This one is for the kids, & after listening to California’s ACxDC’s new album called The Second Coming, I know the kids will be united. Now nothing can tear them apart because they are bonded by grindcore super glue and a mixture of straight power violence with a dash of hardcore madness just to level everything off. All of the songs on this album are busting loose at the seams with rage & righteous fury. What really makes that the hairs on the back of my neck stand to fucking attention is the caustic groove that this band is able to put out. ACxDC are that kind of grindcore that makes your jaw bones tighten up with excitement. They also have metallic riffs jumping off that are so rad that they fucking sound 3-D – it’s like they should write a movie for their riffs to star in called “Night of Undead Riff That Kills all Suckers”. These dudes love playing together & that can be heard in all of the band’s material. ACxDC does not make songs, they create anthems for the world to get crunk to! You better recognize that this Los Angeles band of radical humans should not be fucked with, you might lose your mind when you hear so much raw power."
- EP Release date: June 1st, 2012
- Gatefold release date: April 4th, 2014


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Pressing info:
He Had It Coming+2 songs
- 500 mess 7"s
- 100 clear 7"s
- 400 white 7"s (second press)
- 10-15 test presses

Second Coming
- 500 mess 7"s
- 100 clear 7"s
- 400 white 7"s (second press)
- 500 clear green 7"s (third press)
-10-15 test presses

Second Coming/He Had It Coming+2 songs gatefold
- 500 pink vinyl 7"s

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