The Kill / White Eyes - split 5"

Cover Art + Record
- Germany's WHITE EYES deliver one jawdropping final display of insane blasting grindcore. The band has been performing grindcore like a speed-fueled/electrified version of DISCORDANCE AXIS, GRIDLINK, or MARUTA since 2007 until Falk, the main singer of the band, had an aneurism. A very limited EP came out featuring four of their last songs ever but the surprisingly evil and heavy song Ophelia surfaced to be appear on this split. On the flipside, THE KILL are very much the Australian version of P.L.F., inducing seizures with their thrash/grind blastbeating mayhem. This release is technically a 4.75" record and comes with full color artwork.
- Release date: December 12, 2011


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Pressing info:
- 500 black 5"s
- 100 white 5"s
- 5 12" sized test presses

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