Osk - Wretched Existence // Bleak Future : 2007-2010

Cover Art
- Osk is an unrelenting grindcore force from Canada featuring members of MASS GRAVE. Seemingly lesser known than their crustier grindcore counterpart, this CD tosses together some already highly sought after EPs including tracks from their split with SCUMBELLY, ROSKOPP (the Colorado one), WARHERO, THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMAN, tracks from the Intellect and CYCI comps, and three completely unreleased tracks. This is some game changing grindcore to say the least, songs sethe with blasts, slow parts, and invigerating changeups. As CDs are a dying format to and MP3s are ruling the landscape and of course vinyl continue to keep people on the lookout, this is a perfect collection CD that TLAL couldn't be happier to bring onto the world.
- Release date: April 15, 2012


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