Unholy Grave / Nak'ay - split 5"

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- This 5" bastard format seems to be getting pretty popular lately. You really can't cram too much music in such little space but it has its weird charm I guess... This one spins at 45RPM so the mincing grindcore veterans in Unholy Grave barely have the time to grind your face for a single fabulous track here. I'm not a U.G. expert but hopefully this is an exclusive track to this release. You can be sure a tight thrashing machine like Unholy Grave isn't gonna disappoint: this is raw, fierce grindcore with lyrics about stopping terrorism at all cost!!! The chorus to this song is really catchy too "No, No, No No No!!" delivered in an almost singing voice! (Random piece of trivia, the Unholy Grave vocalist supposedly also performs in a Ramones cover band, haha!) Sharing this split is a band from the US Nak'ay, from which I know absolutely nothing except for the fact that play some seriously ferocious grindcore, intense riffing, ultrafast-blasting, really tight-sounding snare (almost pots and pans type of stuff), mostly shrill, shrieking vocals with some more guttural shit in there as well... The style is most reminiscent of Insect Warfare type of grindcore, and they also play a cover of Assück here, but it's hard to get a good grasp of this band's music based on such a short sample of their stuff, even though they managed to fit 5 tracks in there, but the material is solid. This band's location says 260, I have no idea what that means... Anyway, obviously this is extremely short but still the material is strong enough to make a good impression. Mandatory for all the obsessive-compulsive Unholy Grave collectors out there, poor bastards!.
- Release date: March 19th, 2012


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Pressing info:
- 500 black 5"s
- 10? 7" test presses

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