Rape Revenge - Paper Cage 7"

Cover Art
- Rape Revenge is a vegan straight edge queer feminist band from Calgary, Alberta. They have been together for two years and have released a self titled EP, a self released a live cassette, and are now have this brand new record, Paper Cage, out on To Live A Lie Records. Rape Revenge has only played all ages shows (and a few guerilla parking lot and laundromat shows) since their inception, and is dedicated to the DIY all ages community. Members of Rape Revenge are involved in an all ages collective venue called Local Library, volunteer at the Distress Centre’s Out-Is-Ok (a crisis line for the LGBTQQ2 Community), are members of the Rock 4 Choice Collective and the Calgary Zine Library Collective, and also volunteer for Food Not Bombs, The Good Life Community Bike Shop, and a shelter for sexually exploited youth. Members of Rape Revenge also work as addictions counselors, mental health advocates, and also at a locally run organic grocery store. Rape Revenge writes songs about queer issues, women’s rights, child sexual exploitation, veganism, and anarchy. Their new EP features their fastest and blastiest material to date. Record comes with photocopied zine featuring the lyrics from the album.
- Release date: April 21st, 2012


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 500 black 7"+zine
- 100 orange 7"+zine

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