ACxDC / Sex Prisoner / Magnum Force - split 10"

Cover Art
- To Live A Lie Records is proud to announce the most exciting grindcore/powerviolence record to come out in 2013. This split pairs LA’s ANTI CHRIST DEMON-CORE (ACxDC for short), Tuscon’s MAGNUM FORCE, and Phoenix’s SEX PRISONER for one unholy blasterpiece. Each band provide their best material to date. The record sports a gorgeous b-side etching and the third pressing comes with revamped packaging: glue cover, poster insert, and red vinyl. Best pressing yet!
- Release date: March 19, 2013
- Repress date: November 15, 2013
- Deluxe repress date: March 19, 2014


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Pressing info:
- 500 black vinyl 10"s
- 100 mixed color vinyl 10"
- 150 white with black burst 10" (second press)
- 250 white 10" with white b-side labels (second press)
- 1000 red 10" with deluxe packaging (third press) - 20 test presses

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