The Kill - Make 'Em Suffer LP/cassette

Cover Art
- THE KILL is a mystery. They are three-piece hailing from Melbourne, Australia who play the most blazing, relentless grindcore imaginable. A full length on vinyl is years overdue for this band and Make ‘Em Suffer will fill that grindcore void in your life. The band has been active for a dozen years and have done splits with the likes of BIRDFLESH and INSECT WARFARE, they have also played Maryland Deathfest and Obscene Extreme and toured worldwide to blast audiences into kingdom come. If I were to have any say in it, I would say that this LP and the new PLF LP are going to be on anyone who likes extreme metal/grindcore’s top 10 lists at the end of 2013. Copies come on split color vinyl. Oh and they do a spot on SLAYER cover on this record.
- Expected release date: March/April 2013


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Pressing info:
- 500 split color vinyl LPs
- 100 black vinyl LPs with screened covers and tshirt
- 100 silver cassettes
- 10? test presses

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