Backslider - Discography 2008-2013 CD

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- Backslider has been a mainstay of the Philly scene since 2009 when they started up. They have recently added Jake (ex Republicorpse) to the ranks as a bass player so this CD represents a time capsule of the band's sound as one of the most crushing two-piece powerviolence bands ever to grace a stage. In five years they racked up 51 tracks between their self titled EP, the Maladapted EP, their splits with both Chainsaw to the Face, and Nimbus Terrifix, the Consequences 10", the Reality 5 comp tracks, and their very first output, the Skull Fracturing Fastcore demo tape. If you haven't been lucky enough to see the band or hear their music, the band mixes uncomfortably fast fastcore/powerviolence with some unconventional stoner metal and death metal style riffs. Professionally mastered from original sound sources by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, this is a great grab and a no-brainer to grab so much out-of-print material
- Release date: March 19, 2016


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