V/A - To Live A Lie Vol. II 12"

Cover Art
- Let's talk about numbers; I will start with the lowest. 0 is the number of minutes you'd waste listening to this record. 9 is the number of years To Live A Lie has been a functioning label and it has all lead to this release. 29 is the number of bands on this release, all ranging from the newest of the new, to the surliest grumpiest veterans: LAPSE, ABUSE., RABID PIGS, WATER TORTURE, LOW THREAT PROFILE, TERMINAL CRISIS, BEARTRAP, MAD DOG, CONGENITAL DEATH, HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, GRIT, BRIDGE, SICK/TIRED, CALLOUS, CHEST PAIN, VACCINE, XSWAMPX, SIDETRACKED, WEEKEND NACHOS, SCALPED, IMPULSE CV, VILE INTENT, FALSE LIGHT, CHEAP ART, TO THE POINT, SUPER MUTANT, STREET PIZZA, SFT DOV, and SLAVE all play a part on here. 100 is the release number, 100 releases to date! 545 is the approximate number of days this record took to put together... combining the efforts of all these bands to get into the record studio, to the brilliant mastering job Dan Randall did, to the final product you see here. It has all lead to this release. And although this is a second in a series, this is a brilliant start of triple digit releases for a label that is about to round the decade mark
- Release date: February 25, 2014


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Pressing info:
- 400 mixed vinyl LPs
- 200 white LPs
- 50 test presses

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