Impulse - Chula Violence 7"

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- Originally released as a super limited run of records last year, I nabbed a copy Chula Violence before it sold out and it quickly rose to my top release of 2013. To make sure this beast did not go extinct I approached the band and they agreed to a pressing on TLAL. IMPULSE are super young in age but they take the old sound of 80’s hardcore and infuse it with new life and increased RPM. Imagine YOUTH OF TODAY fused with the speed of NEOS. There isn’t enough I can say about this band. I feel like they are a gem waiting to be unveiled to the world just like the CAVE STATE EP. Get plugged into West Coast’s newest youth crew… crew.
- Release date: April 4th, 2014


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Pressing info:
- 500 white vinyl 7"s

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