Sex Prisoner - Demo 7"

Cover Art
- You have probably heard their self titled EP, the State Property EP, and most likely you've heard tracks from their three way split with ACXDC and MAGNUM FORCE but before any of that the band recorded a vicious and raw demo that was put out on a limited tape. If you haven't heard any SEX PRISONER then you're in for a treat. They hail from Tuscon, Arizona and from their music it must be an awful place because their music is beyond pissed. They fold in equal amounts of angry modern hardcore and blasting powerviolence to make a cacophony of scathing noise. The original 2009 demo material was expertly cleaned up by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound and pressed as a limited release on vinyl for your listening pleasure.
- Release date: February 20, 2016


- Sold out

Pressing info:
- 30? test presses
- 400 doo doo brown 7"s
- 100 pee yellow 7"s

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