Triac / Sick/Tired - split LP

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- This is an unholy pairing of Baltimore’s TRIAC and Chicago’s SICK/TIRED and To Live A Lie’s first split LP record release. The split is the best material to date of either band. TRIAC brings to the table their patented no-nonsense darkened grind hardcore that makes you feel a little uneasy. They are kind of like a NAILS that would let you be one of them. SICK/TIRED unleash their grindiest material that seems almost inspired by TRIAC. They still weave in some grindviolence and the opening track is almost a mincecore song. A perfect pairing for 5pm when you’re off work, sitting in rush hour traffic, and done with the day and people. Play this at max volume and your day will melt away.
- Release date: December 16th, 2016


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Pressing info:
- 100 white with blue splatter LPs
- 400 black LPs
- 8 test presses

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