Nashgul - Cárcava LP

Cover Art
- After being a band for fifteen years, NASHGUL has put together the most maniacal sophomore full length that will leave you with your jaw agape. Taking seven years to hone their sound since their initial full length offering, Cárcava is a touch over thirty minutes of grindcore perfection; blasty, angry, crushing riffs. If you have a love for honest, old school grindcore then this is going to be on your top ten for years to come. This LP will be a defining grindcore LP of TLAL along with the ARCHAGATHUS, MAGRUDERGRIND, and THE KILL records.
- Release date: December 16th, 2016


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Pressing info:
- 400 black LPs
- 100 clear w/ black and white splatter LPs
- 150 smokey cassettes
- 10 test presses

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