Oxidant - Deconstruct 7"/cassette

Cover Art
- Not everything out there is easy and definable. Sometimes things in life are awkward, messy, hard to define, and generally caustic. Raleigh, NC's newest powerviolence force, OXIDANT, are all of those. The work on Deconstruct offer subtle nods to NO COMMENT, NEANDERTHAL, and CROSSED OUT but while truly summoning the band's own corrosive force. These twelve tracks were pro-recorded at Legitimate Business with Kris Hilbert and expertly mastered by Nick Townsend, this freshmen effort brings all the anger and frustration of living in the South. Members of NOCOMPLY, RUNNING FOR COVER, RESIST CONTROl, SUPPRESSIVE FIRE, FLEABANE, and GAS CHAMBER. To Live A Lie Record's own plays bass on this and I am excited to bring forward my best effort in a band to date.
- Release date: June 25, 2017


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Pressing info:
- 200 black vinyl 7"s
- 100 white vinyl 7"s
- 20 test presses
- 50 smokey tapes
- 50 gold tapes
- 15 pink tapes

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