Marxbros / TRAVěLTA - split LP

Cover Art
- MARXBROS are the (non)musical continuation of the Dutch legacy of Paul and Olav. This music picks right up where L─RM and SEEIN' RED left off. For this recording (and hopefully subsequent ones) they have enlisted the expert bass playing of Chris Dodge from SPAZZ/STIKKY/TO THE POINT. The tracks range from fast to faster and are both punk and blast-laiden, but also have boot stomping parts. Seventeen tracks that bring the 80's back into 2017. On the flip side, Belgian TRAVěLTA have expertly crafted thirteen tracks of angry blasty modern hardcore inspired fast punk. Both sides are wicked fast and thirty tracks will make a bad day seem more bearable after this record makes your heart rate soar and temporarily makes you see red.
- Split release with Loner Cult Records - Release date: November 10th, 2017


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Pressing info:
- 500 black vinyl Europe
- 500 black vinyl USA
- 15 test presses

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