Tired Of Everything - Silenced tape

Cover Art
- The very first oferring of this brand new band featuring To Live A Lie Records kingping at his first dedicated role on vocals. Additionally the band is filled out with overly competant musical members from Salmonella, Mad Dog, and Zipper. Tired Of Everything have produced six stomping fist pumping hc punk anthems that spin you up and get you pissed at the world. Hardcore punk less for those who like clean haircuts and moshing but more for those who like dirtier punker side of things. It sounds like if youth crew needed to take a bath.
- Release date: November 9th, 2018


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Pressing info:
- 25 8" picture disc lathes
- 75 smokey cassettes
- 25 blue tint cassettes (band only)
- 25 green tint cassettes (mailorder only)

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