Terminal Nation / Neckbeard Deathcamp - One Party System split 7"

Cover Art
- TERMINAL NATION come rip, roaring, raging, clawing out of Little Rock with some of the angriest political hardcore tinged with hardcore ever heard. Two songs about gun violence and ICE that is a breath of fresh air as we read the news and feel like the country is getting out of control. NECKBEARD DEATHCAMP on the other side could not be more different but with the exact same civic rhetoric as the flip side but instead sound like they recorded their songs in a Transylvanian cave next to DARKTHRONE. This band dropped an amazing demo last year that got a ton of hype and this antifa black metal outfit from an undisclosed location is back with two songs that are not to be missed. As different as the sides are, I want to listen to them both on repeat until politics in the USA is restored to normal, until this this record will be on full blast.
- Release date: Late Feb 2019


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Pressing info:
- 150 transparent red 7"s
- 350 black 7"S
- 20 test presses

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