Sidetracked - Hollowed Out LP

Cover Art
- Tacoma Washington’s SIDETRACKED has been up and down the coasts, playing fests, putting out dozens of releases, and being an amazing fast hardcore band for almost twenty years and you know the one thing that they are missing? A full length record. From the same label that brought you full lengths from bands like XBRAINIAX and HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH that had been so fast they have only graced records from 5”s to 7”s before then, we present to you the first full length by fast hardcore titans SIDETRACKED. With angular hooks, false hits, starts and stops, this is pure fastcore perfection. The weirdest thing is you’ll want to hear more after you listen to the twenty-four tracks carved into the vinyl on this one. Poised to be one of the most important fastcore releases in 2019, don’t sleep on Hollowed Out.
- Release date: May 2019


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Pressing info:
- 400 black vinyl
- 400 white vinyl
- 100 cassettes
- 10 test presses

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