Racetraitor / Closet Witch / Neckbeard Deathcamp / Haggathorn - split 2x7"

Cover Art
- As so many of us are being kept apart in this era of social distancing, Neckbeard Deathcamp (IL), Racetraitor (IL, NY, OR), Closet Witch (IA), and Haggathorn (IL) come together for a scorching 11-song four-way split EP. The release will be available for pre-order and digital sales on April 22, 2020. The double EP with gatefold cover will be pressed on vinyl and distributed through To Live a Lie Records (US), Moment of Collapse Records (DE), Ugly and Proud Records (BG), and Circus of the Macabre Records (UK).

“I’ve always loved splits,” said Mani Mostofi, vocalist of Racetraitor. “Splits seem to be a unique oddity of the punk, hardcore, and metal scenes and I think that is because of the collective underpinning of those scenes.”

“We wanted this project to be a community building exercise in which like-minded bands each offer their take on life, politics, and brutality in a shared space. We are pretty pleased by the outcome,” Mostofi added.

Neckbeard Deathcamp is a mysterious and vehemently antifascist activist group on Prosthetic Records. Their unique mix of black metal, crust, and sarcasm has been bringing them notoriety across scenes and social media platforms alike. Closet Witch is a much beloved powerviolence/grind act that has been wowing audiences with their emotionally raw live performances. They have a full length originally released by Halo of Flies Records and their full discography is available on Moment of Collapse Records. Racetraitor is a legacy left-wing metal/hardcore band born in 1996 and reformed in 2016. Their second full length “2042” released on Good Fight Music, was a fiery refutation of the Trump era and American white supremacy. The band includes members of Fall Out Boy, Sect, and the fourth band on this release, Haggathorn. Haggathorn is an anarchist black metal band that hit the scene last year with another split EP with Neckbeard.
- Release date: August 2020


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Pressing info:
- 300 lilac vinyl
- 200 white vinyl
- 100 black vinyl
- 30 test presses

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