Trappist / Hetze split 7"

Cover Art
- The perfect fusion of Californian experince and Belgian savoir-faire gives us an exceptional result. TRAPPIST and HETZE, subtle fermentation between punk, hardcore, and anger. You are not ready for this new sound beverage! TRAPPIST is seven years strong with members doing time in SPAZZ, STIKKY, INFEST, DESPISE YOU, CROM, -16-, KILLED IN ACTION, and plenty more. Their side is is a great mash of crossover, dbeat, some gregorian chants, and a sloppy drunk take on a Minor Threat song. HETZE have been turning heads and hit that punk and powerviolence blastbeat itch. A foamy stein of almost ten minutes to cure what ails yah.
- Split label reelase. - Release date: 3/19/2021


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Pressing info:
- 1000 black vinyl 7"s

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