Deathtoll 80k - The Future Is Yours LP

Cover Art
- DEATH TOLL 80K is back for their massive junior full length. Formed in 2005, and hailing from Finland, the band has laid down splits with a choise set of bands ranging from ARCHAGATHUS to SETE STAR SEPT and have released two devastating full lengths up til now with The Futre Is Yours being the cherry on top. The album is a one-sided LP but don't let the length fool you, the album starts out fully charging out of the gate with breakneck blastbeats and full force non-stop grindcore attacks. DT80K blast away and when you feel like you can't stand it anymore, they lay in some groove to really seal the deal. Eleven minutes of aural fury. The b-side features a meticulusly etched band logo and the LP will come with a spray paint stencil of the cover art so that you can let everyone know whose future it is! In these rough times, we needed the straight-forward blasts and gutteral growls of DT80K to imagine the stench of a nasty dirty non-stop mosh pit that your living room will become after each ripping track of this filthy slab of vinyl..
- Release date: September 2021


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Pressing info:
- 400 black vinyl
- 100 red vinyl

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