NoComply - East Coast Powerviolence LP

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- NoComply has been a facet in the Florida DIY scene for over two decades now and this is the first slab of vinyl to compile all the hard hitting songs from the 1990's to the 2000's. The brainchild of Justin Abare, the band has gone through many permitations and shared the stage with their contemporaries like ASSHOLEPARADE, PALATKA, THE END OF THE CENTURY PARTY and many more. This blastingn heartfelt, and urgent release collects splits with EXHUMED, GODSTOMPER, CHRIST MESS, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, and SUPPRESSION and features some crisp sounding demo tracks to give you an entire set of songs from the band's birth. These songs really rip you back to busting out kicker ramps, slapping graf, doing noseblunts after hours at office parks, and all the grief and anguish of growing up in such a stagnant world. Over fourty tracks and almost maxing out the useable length and decibel levels of an LP, this will give you more than fourty-five minutes of truck-clacking good tunes. . Split label release with 625.
- Release date: Mid 2021


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Pressing info:
- 400 black vinyl
- 100 concrete blood splatter vinyl
- ?? test presses
- 100 cassettes

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