Ixias - Tinge CS/VHS

Cover Art
- Unearthed, the delineation of two worlds coagulate into the release of a shapeless form. Unbridled insurrection for all that oppose it. This being has no identifying characteristics or even any clear cut goals. Its existence is ruled by the laws of deception. Man cannot exist in tandem with this natural-born impossibility. The invisible hand of the tinge has infiltrated all humanity. It takes the shape of atrocities and death, drug abuse and faceless corporations. Watch in disgust as everything you hold dear is distorted and malformed into unknowable disfigurement. tinge. is a visual representation of the album released of the same name released by the band IXIAS. Inside this box is a VHS tape of about 30 minutes in length. 15 being the film in question, 15 being a live set shot during early COVID-19 times for the GCBT Livestream. Included inside as well special for this release is a copy of the album on audio cassette. This release is limited to 100 copies ever.
- Release date: November 24, 2021


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Pressing info:
- 100 cassettes/VHS combos

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