Prayer For Cleansing - The Rain In Endless Fall LP (2022 Remaster)

Cover Art
- We are proud to bring you a high quality new mastering of Prayer For Cleansing's The Rain In Endless Fall. The band had been a stalwart of late 1990's metalcore in North Carolina and has since gained a cult following. The band promoted straight edge and veganism. This recording features Paul Waggoner (Between the Buried and Me, From Here On, Undying), Will Goodyear (Grogh/Hopesfall), Dennis Lamb (Azazel), Dave Anthem, and Marc Duncan. Although not present on this recording, the band went on to also have greats like Tommy Rogers (Between The Buried And Me) and Jimmy Chang (Undying). Expertly remastered from the original mix by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic. Officially licenced from Tribunal Records.
- Release date: Late 2022/early 2023


(please note this is the original mix but not the remaster)

- Not yet released

Pressing info:
- 250 splatter vinyl LP
- 150 color in color vinyl LP
- 150 black vinyl LP
- 5 test press LP
- 200 cassettes

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