Under Attack - s/t 7"

Cover Art
- Following up a slew of recent releases on Iron Lung Records, Mutant Sounds, Three One G, etc., Richmond Virginia’s UNDER ATTACK further refine their style and deliver 7 songs of pure, straight-forward, no bullshit hardcore punk. Collectively, the band consists of members with decades of history – including from bands like LIMP WRIST, EUCHARIST, HAIL MARY, BLACK ARMY JACKET, SUPPRESSION, MUNICIPAL WASTE among many others – which they draw upon and distill to make a pure and essential hardcore record. One of the best to be doing it these days. Co-release with 625 Thrashcore.
- Release date: August 2022


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Pressing info:
- 200 red vinyl
- 300 black vinyl
- ?? test presses

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